My Private Coaching (MPC)

MPC exists to help you on your ongoing journey to become the person you want to be and to enjoy life to its fullest. Our clients come from many walks of life, but the thing they have in common is a deep desire to “always be bettering” and to be surrounded by others who understand and support them in pursuing their passions and goals. Our coaches partner with you to bring clarity to those goals and to keep you accountable to the vision of life and work that you have for yourself.

Curious About What Makes Us Different?

Process — We utilise proven coaching methodologies and have developed proprietary coaching curriculums in coaching to support our clients throughout their work with us. This hybrid approach of one-on-one coaching sessions and modules ensures you maximise your time with your personal coach and makes coaching more affordable and results-oriented than ever before.

Personalisation — Though we have proven processes and structured programming, we know that each person is unique, and your coaching journey will be different from anyone else’s. We call it “freedom within a framework.” The process is here to provide structure and accountability and has been put in place over years of experience. However, what happens within each engagement and each coaching session must be tailored to you, your goals and your unique learning style.

Training — Coaching continues to increase in popularity as an effective tool for individuals and organisations to increase clarity and create sustainable change. As the industry grows, it has become increasingly difficult to understand the qualifications and effectiveness of the many coaches out there. Coaching is an unregulated industry, meaning anyone can legally call themselves a coach with little or no coaching training.

Team & Community — MPC has a team of coaches and an intelligently designed matching process to ensure you are paired with the right coach for your goals and personality. While you’re working with the right coach for you, our full team of experts is here in the background providing support and resources to your coach and opening up their networks to you as a client.