Coaching Process

Whether it’s a career pivot, launching a business, adulting, or finding a partner, we know how to make change happen. MPC’s personal coaches have are sharp foxes in these fields. Based on what works for clients, we have developed a coaching process that helps change happen more efficiently.

When you hire us, we work together on a 3 or 6-month project, and we meet regularly to make change happen. We’ll strategise and create clear actionable next steps. After a couple of sessions, you’ll realise that you’ve made more progress towards this goal in one month than you have in the years preceding.

Our clients have an itch to scratch – something they want to do that’s ambitious, a little scary, and feels so right. They partner with their personal coach because they know the latter will help them make that meaningful contribution to the world. So let us put you right in the client’s chair, and we’ll speak directly to you. Here’s how it works when you’re working with us:

Step 1: Imagine

In Step One we define your strengths, your passions, clarify your values, redefine success and actively IMAGINE your goals.

We have a conversation about what you like — what you’ve always liked, what you’re drawn to. We reconnect with the enthusiasms of your 8-year-old self and draw the dotted line to today and tomorrow. Together, we build a visual picture of your future — what it will look like when you’re living in a way that has meaning for you.

Everyone has an idea of what success is. Maybe your perspective is shaped by your parents, the media, or your friends and neighbours. We’ll talk about what a successful life will look like two years from now and 10 years from now and six months from now.

Step 2: Strategise

Now that we’ve identified your core values, your superpower and your definition of success, we can make a PLAN.

First, let’s paint pictures. That book you want to write: what does the cover look like? What will you do with your spouse (when you find him or her) for your 5th wedding anniversary?

Tell us about your summer vacation with the kids when they are nine years old. These are powerful tools, these pictures because when you start to visualize, you can actualise. These visions prepare your brain to expect this reality. These are your big, powerful milestones.

During the planning phase, we observe the gap between what you say you want and what you’re doing to achieve what you want. And then, gently and carefully, we close that gap.

Step 3: Implement

Until you do that thing you want to do – whether it’s writing your book or setting up a new business practice, it’s just talking. 

Like a first kiss, or experiencing birth, you can talk all you want but until you do it you don’t really know what the experience is like.
We move you to action while the plan isn’t fully fleshed out yet. You will learn more while taking action.

While we work together, you lose sight of how hard you’re working, because you get into the flow state. We work as a team – the coaching process and the coach are your rocket boosters and you’re ready to launch. You need us to clear atmosphere, and then you’re flying high, living a life of your design.

As you accomplish, we take time to celebrate and acknowledge your achievement. When we do this, we look back at what is working and why.

Let’s build something together.